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Center of Pars ELearning development ( Nahad Pars Pendar Company, registration no.38390) was registered dated1388/07/20 and started its activities in Esfahan by help of honored member of faculty members, staffs and IT engineers.
The first idea of this center was based on studies conducted in technical researches in M.A and PHD projects existed in industrial university of AMIRKABIR and ESHTEBICE university of Berlin,Germany and by the help of Dr. Shekarisaz; and various systems such as Persian word press systems, Persian modulo, specialized programming, variable CMS, test maker, web service, web conference were installed and implemented in order to develop this site in web site of this center. After completing this stages, Pars center were succeed to do some activities to start its educational activities including :

  • Getting registration permit in Organized website of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance no….. dated…..
  • Approval of educational competence of the National Iranian Standards Organization in the field of training Courses for Standardization, Management systems, Quality and engineering techniques in electrical and electronics fields, Building, Materials, Construction products, chemical and polymer industries, food and agricultural products, clothing and textile products and fibers, medical and telecommunication engineering at the national level, No. 84172 dated 1393/11/0
  • Obtaining an e-trust symbol from the Trade Development Center of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade
  • Obtaining a license from the technical and vocational organization of Isfahan province in the field of finance and commerce (electronics)
  • Obtaining the license of the country's planning and budget organization
  • Obtaining educational permission from the Cultural Heritage Organization
  • Obtaining a license from the computer system organization of the country

Our Strategic!

Strategic Plans

Key values Statement of center:

Keeping and paying attention to humanitarian values as the most important wealth of center

Making focus on making loyalty in clients

Continuously improvement and entrepreneurship in doing all services.

Fulfilling all obligations national and international in direction of sustainable development

Introducing variable and of high quality services beyond the client's expectations

Systemic thinking-based management and enjoying physical and group participation

adherence to law and t professional ethic

Effective interaction with stakeholders on the basis of mutual benefits (win-win)

Honors of this center

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